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Jitesh Nanwani

Jitesh Nanwani Jitesh Nanwani Jitesh Nanwani also known as ‘Jay’ has been with Caribbean Gems since January 2009. He was born in the Philippines and moved to India when he was 4 years. In India, he graduated with a Batchelor’s degree in Commerce, but Jitesh’s passion really was dancing. His family sort of co-erced him to work, to earn a livelihood, so that he could ‘settle down’ and mature. Working at Caribbean Gems was a new experience in Jitesh’s life – the fixed hours, having to follow instructions, the rigors of business and so forth, but in a very short time he has mastered the art of salesmanship and has been told by many of our customers how good he is as a salesperson and businessman. Jitesh has not given up his passion for dancing and holds dance classes every weekend. Jitesh has matured tremendously since coming to St. Maarten. He has found another area in his life that he is good at – sales – and still does the thing he enjoys best – dancing